Our products

We produce a mixture of non-distilled fatty acids and oleic acids. Fatty acids are components of all plant and animal fats. As a raw material we use light vegetable oils (sunflower, canola, corn, soybean, palm oil) and waste products from the refining of vegetable oils (soapstock). Fatty acids are extracted from fatty basics by non-reactive fission or splitting, using mineral acids. Production technology allows to produce fatty acids that contain single oils, and mixtures thereof in any ratio. Basically, we set up the materials we use and the process due to the requirements of the customers in order to meet precisely the various applications of our products.
General characteristics of our products:.

- Oleic acid

The mass fraction of deeply cloven fatty acids is at least 98%, the moisture content of not more than 1.5%, the acid number is 170-200 MR KOH / g, the saponification value 180-210 mg KOH / g

- Fatty acid

The mass fraction of fat is not less than 97%, mass fraction of moisture and light airborne particles less than 3%, mass fraction of deeply divided oleic acid more than 55%.
It is free from mineral acids. In the near future our company will offer distilled fatty acids, which brings a significant improvement in colour and smell. It will make it possible to use our products also in the production of bright colours and paints, as well as in the production of soaps.

Our production is in the process of certification in accordance with ISO 9001 and 2000, we are sure to have completed this process by the end of 2013.

All Ukrainian and CIS approvals, as well as all necessary certificates are available and can be viewed in the heading "Certificates" of this website.

The quality of our products is permanently checked on input, output and interim analyses in our in house laboratory. For more in-depth analyses, for example, an analysis on dioxins, we use internationally recognized laboratories.