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LLC «PPP «Rekast» is the growing company established in 2011.

LLC «PPP «Rekast» joins the best experts in oil and fat and chemical spheres. It is composed of both experienced professionals and young qualified employees regularly improving their practical skills in the process of cooperation with scientific institutions and leading enterprises of Europe. Production process is equipped with new equipment ENABLING to manufacture a product of high quality. We take care of our clients and regularly improve quality of finished product by way of:
- Research practice with research institutions of Europe;
- Use of “feedback” with consumers of our product.
- Control over raw and finished product.

Within a short term, the company proved to be a reliable manufacturer and supplier at the European, Asian and Eastern markets. Advanced technology, high quality of product, fulfillment of obligations assumed, experienced hardworking productive collective, respect to partners – a brand identity of our enterprise!

Sunflower fatty acids are the offal of sunflower seeds in the process of manufacturing refined sunflower seed oil. It is a complex mixture of organic acids, including, linoleic, oleinic and other acids included into natural composition of sunflower seed oil. Fatty acids are the manufactured goods and used for further recycling in the production of feed supplements for live-stock animals out of sunflower seed oil.

Sunflower fatty acids are the indispensable component part to be widely used for feed supplements. We supply fatty acids both certified GMP +, and technical.

In industry they are to be used as an ingredient for receipts. Fatty acids made of oil and butter soap stock are directly used for soap manufacture and for deriving glycerin and stearin.