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Our location

The production facility is located in the Eastern region of Ukraine, in Kharkov. The city is located in the one of leading agricultural lands of Europe, so called “bread basket of Europe”.
More than 50% of the total European sunflower is in this region, with its famous black soil, being one of the most fertile lands in the world. We have a direct access to raw material for production of fatty acids.
Our production process is directly connected with international network vehicle, railway and port infrastructure, thus, giving us the opportunity to deliver our product. There is our own customs crossing point in the territory.

Our achievements and awards:

In 2014 the company was awarded with “Importer of the Year” with a gold medal in the following categories: “Dynamics of growth compared to the previous year”, “Number of counters-counteragents”. But we believe our successful qualification according to GMP+ standards in the sphere of feed and feed supplements to be the largest and successful merit which we successfully passed in June of 2015. You can find our enterprise in the list of qualified companies at the site https://www.gmpplus.org/en
All permits and required certificates have been issued by the experts of LLC «PPP «Rekast». For analysis of raw material and finished product, the company cooperates with international laboratories, such as SGS and Eurofins. Incoming control over raw material and finished product is additionally made in testing laboratory on the site.

Our philosophy

We believe stable use of renewable natural resources to be the main task of future and want to participate in this work, making our best efforts, potential and knowledge.

Use of natural resources to the full extent enables to exclude the deficit of delivery of agricultural products for world population.

We consider it to be our duty to use agricultural goods composed of essential elements for food, cosmetics, chemical, pharmaceutical and agricultural products.