About Us:

1 Our competence:

The REKAST LLC was founded by two young dynamic Ukrainian businessmen, who managed to engage one of the most recognized authorities in the field of fats as a senior engineer.
Vladimir Sljunin Phd. was a professor at the Polytechnic University of Kharkov in the Department "Technology of fats" In his long career, he has developed more than twenty patents and built the most advanced production lines for processing of fats in the former Soviet Union which are still working successfully today. His knowledge and experience proves our guarantee for the production of a high quality.
2 Our location

Our manufacturing plant is located in the Eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkov, 60 km from the south- western Russian border, in one of the largest interconnected agricultural areas in Europe. More than 50% of the total European sunflower cultivation and more than 40% of European corn cultivation lie in this region, with its legendary "black earth", which is among the most fertile in the world. We, therefore, have immediate access to our raw materials, vegetable oils.

Our manufacturing plant is directly connected to the international network infrastructure of roads, railways and ports and gives us excellent transport links and thus the ability to deliver our products all over the world.Our plant has its direct connection to the Ukrainian international rail network. In a short time we will operate our own customs checkpoints in house.

3 Our philosophy

We see in the sustainable use of natural renewable resources one of the major future tasks and want to take part in the solution of it with all our strength, our possibilities and our knowledge.

The sustainable use of natural resources avoids bottlenecks in the supply of the world's population with agricultural products.

We feel obliged to make use of such parts of agricultural commodities, which are often classified as waste, but contain essential vital elements, used for food, cosmetics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and agriculture products.